• Cross-Cultural Exposure

    Opportunities to engage with diverse cultures, facilitate collaborations with international partners and customers , thus develop a global mindset.

  • Professional Workplace

    Fostering a professional environment that values collaboration, respect, and open communication, therefore provide opportunites to excel.

  • Language Training

    Opportunities to improve language proficiency by communicating with Japanese and also to foster a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.

  • Innovation and Research Initiatives

    Being encouraged to explore innovative ideas and contribute to research projects that can help improve the quality and competitiveness of Japanese products.

  • Employee Recognition and Rewards

    Acknowledging and rewarding outstanding performance, innovation, and dedication with high rewards and career advancement.

  • Education and Training

    Tuition reimbursement or professional development programs to support employees in advancing their skills and knowledge.

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  • Yoshiya


  • Yuki

    Operations Manager

  • Eri

    Brand Manager

    & Creative Director

  • Takeki

    Social Media Manager

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