1 DAY POP UP SHOP ~ Tohoku Crafts ~

Todoku-Wa's first-ever 1 Day Pop-up Shop will be opened for business in Omotesando, Tokyo on December 4.

Todoku-Wa, as an e-commerce brand whose mission is to deliver Japanese cultural concept "Wa (harmoney)", will hold a 1 day pop-up shop featuring Tohoku (Northeast Japan) crafts on December 4.

Omotesando in this December is expected to be crowded with many tourists as it does every year. In the same month last year, the large scale illumination held there attracted approximately 8 million tourists. 

What's more, Omotesando is expected to be even more lively this year as more foreign tourists visit Japan, starting with the derestristion of COVID-19 border measures.

The pop-up shop will be held as a physical sales channel beyond our existing cross-border e-commerc framework.

Products from the following artisanal brands in Tohoku will be exhibited:

1. Hirosaki Kogin Institute

Hirosaki Kogin Institute is a company that produces fabric products using "Kogin Sashi", Aomori's traditional technique of stitching cotton threads on hemp cloth.
In the Edo period (1603-1867), women in rural area created "Kogin-Sashi" to survive the harsh and long winter of Tsugaru, Aomori.
The company is committed to handmade products using traditional materials and techniques with the sense of mission to carry this traditional crafts and to pass it on correctly.

2. Mizuhiki Ori-i

Mizuhiki Ori-i is a Mizuhiki artist in Miyagi prefecture who dedicates amulets to shirines.
She creates various works using Mizuhiki, a Japanese decorative art used at ceremonial occasions.
There is a unique, supple beauty in her Mizuhiki, made of Washi, Japanese traditional paper, and rayon.
It is said that Mizuhiki, whose way of knotting has different meanings, is considered to be a lucky charm that brings people together.
She makes Mizuhiki works in modern way so that the traditional craft can be a part of daily lives of people today.
Mizuhiki Products

3. Samurai ALOHA

Samurai Aloha is a fashion brand based on Kimono remake.
As some of you may know, Tohoku is the place where the Great East Japan Earthquake attacked in 2011. The brand wanted to reflect the strength of Tohoku overcoming the earthquake, therefore, they name themselves after the great mental fortitudes of Samurai.
With the help of women in Miyagi prefecture, who have double faces as artisans and mothers, they carefully wash and cut used Kimonos one by one so that they can remake them into Aloha shirts at their sewing factories in Fukushima and Iwate prefecture.
All of the Aloha shirts have one-of-a-kind designs.
We hope you find "Samurai Aloha" that uniquely fits you!
Aloha Shirts made of KimonoAloha Shirt made of Kimono

4. Yamakuchi Orimono Yozando

Yamakuchi Orimono Yozando is a Yonezawa textile weaving company that handles the entire process in-house from product planning and production to sales.
Based on the traditional Yonezawa Textile, they develop textile products that fit modern lifestyles where digital technology is merged into.
Although there is a typical perception that Yonezawa Textile is as same as Safflower Dyed silk, each textile company has its own specialty.
Their original brand "Yoneori Komon" creates a casual yet unique atmosphere around the brand itself by weaving small, detailed pattern with 100% cotton jacquard fabrics.
Clasp Pouches

Date: December 4 2022 11AM-7PM

Location: 4-7-3 Jingumae, Shibuya, 150-0001, Tokyo

Hosts: Borderline Inc., and Todoku-Wa Inc.

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